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28k or 80k ATLANTA (CNN) -- Neil Gaiman thinks adults are getting the short end of the deal: Kids get to daydream and escape on fantastic trips of the imagination, guided by marvelous fairy tales, while being an adult means to leave imagination and fantasy behind. Gaiman wrote the storyline for "The Sandman" and gained rock star-status among fans from both sides of the Atlantic. The problem is nobody writes us fairy tales; nobody gives us fairy tales that are as satisfying, as meaty, as filled with real people and real incident, as the things that we remember from when we were children," Gaiman said during a recent extensive interview with CNN Interactive.

Norman Mailer lauded "The Sandman" as "a comic strip for intellectuals," while singer Tori Amos and the band Metallica were writing songs inspired by the work. As adults, we are an oppressed majority because nobody writes us fairy tales. "You can't go back and re-read Snow White and get the same magic you got out of it when you were six," he said.

You may even find some people that are going to be on your sailing.

Once you are onboard you will feel like you are meeting old friends when you meet in person.

"And this is a really great place to go, and just fit in.

Guilty Pleasures is an advanced lit RP board where adult themed RPs are the basis of the board, but not the entire focus.This entails having a fish extender hanging off the fish outside your room.If you aren't sure how the exchange works or the size and shape of a fish extender be sure to visit the links below.Get a job, make Some friends, build your character and become the worlds greatest adventurer! So join up and watch as your character's small time tale, becomes Legendary, In this One Massive Progressive Role Play! Pro Patria is a place where nations are actors in a complex ballet of war and peace. Is a free Play by Post RPG forum in which you can create your own transformer to your own specifications as either an Autobot or Decepticon and help battle for your cause.Very fun for all types of players, be it experienced or not.

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Only one team will win your fantasy baseball league, but everyone can have a funny (or silly or crazy) fantasy baseball team name. Crafty Lefties The The Angels Angels California Penal League Looking Illegal 1864 Rules Three-Finger Mordecai Old Hoss Radbourn Cobb Co.

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