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Does your company have unique scenarios that require compliance with multiple garnishments, complex pay rates, benefits, arrearage, or nonstandard tax circumstances?

With detailed real-time validation tools, the numbers you most rely on are accurate.

From the moment your pipe enters one of our facilities, you’ll receive complete end-to-end solutions for the entire scope of your pipe management needs.

So rather than risk scheduling, safety, quality and budget by using multiple service companies that move your pipe several times, you can be assured that your assets will remain in the same trusted, experienced hands throughout each service—and be completed on time, at the expected price.

With more than 20 integrated facilities throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico, as well as new portable plants and equipment for deployment around the world, Shawcor is strategically situated to provide outstanding, completely integrated service wherever your downhole drilling and production operation needs it.

See how we can help optimize safety and uptime with the services below. cleaning, thread gauging and 17 dimensional measurements Bottom hole assemblies (BHA)50 types of mobile- and plant-based DS-1 (Cat III to V) inspection services for collars, subs, heavy weight, downhole tools, kellys, etc., including: black light end area, liquid penetrant, hardness testing, slotting/serializing, thread gauging and dimensional measurements Linepipe and mill production Services include UT weldline, MPI end area and hardness testing Handling tools and sucker rods Services include full body and end area MPI/EMI, MPI end area, computer-generated reports, and coupling removal and replacement Tubecheck on-site wellhead inspection systems Patented methods for high-speed, real-time detection of localized wall loss, longitudinal wall loss and wear, and thru-wall splits in used oilfield production tubing, with features including: Yardview™Yardview™, our advanced, Web-based system, allows you to maximize inventory turnover through the complete view and management of your asset inventory.

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Features include: Dual shoulder refacer The introduction of the dual shoulder refacer has enabled Shawcor to provide our customers with industry-proven technology for precision refacing while decreasing trucking, machine shop and downtime costs by keeping your tubulars on location.

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