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Updating synonym

Moreover, many other “tunable” components in Solr are moving away from manual editing towards being programmatically manageable.

For instance, you can use the RESTful schema API to add fields to a managed schema.

This indicates, of course, that we want to query the EMP table in the SCOTT schema, and sure enough there is the table. That means that only the ROBERT user can use the synonym. They do make management of the database a bit easier, but they also have security and performance issues associated with them.

A synonym is named, and points to a specific object.

For example, the set of stop words used by a Stop Filter during text analysis is a resource, in that it has editable data and configuration settings.For search analyzers that contain a synonym type filter, it would be great to be able to make changes to the synonym file and have those changes recognized immediately by the associated analyzers without having to close/open the index.Ideally, the synonym cache would be refreshed automatically with changes to the corresponding synonym file.When you are working with synonyms in the contexts previously stated, the base object is affected.For example, if a synonym references a base object that is a table and you insert a row into the synonym, you are actually inserting a row into the referenced table.

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You can use a synonym as the parameter for the OBJECT_ID function; however, the function returns the object ID of the synonym, not the base object.