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Subsequent points include the “secondary” settings of (1) symposia in the city of Athens around the same time and thereafter; (2) revivalist educational contexts in Athens and Lesbos during the 300s BCE; (3) antiquarian academic contexts in Alexandria, center of Hellenistic scholarship during the 200s.Here I propose to narrow and deepen my study of the general question and to switch directions by pursuing the specific question of the poetic “I” not in the epinician songs of Pindar but in the sympotic songs of Alcaeus and beyond.The room is enormous but a pair of shiny, protruding eyes stands out with an inquisitive, doctor-like look.“This seems to be a case of tuberculosis Mr.Clark,” one could imagine hearing from this human-like model, sporting round-framed spectacles, if it weren’t a 1930 model Bugatti. I imagine you have as, probably, the big crowds that gather at the Hellenic Motor Museum.Formal recruitment takes place every year in February.Below is a paragraph about each of our unique organizations in their own words. Members of the sorority promote the pillars of self-love, community, respect, academic integrity, and poise within the sorority and in every aspect of their lives.

Any student in good standing who has completed at least one semester at Austin College and meets the Recruitment Guidelines, may participate in recruitment.

All three of us were roommates during my senior year of college and for the first time in a long time, we were all single. I couldn’t think of two other guys I’d rather be on a date with. The agency that ran the thing had us arrive 30 minutes early so we could get liquored up at the bar.

The social lubricant that is alcohol seemed only necessary to move the evening along at a reasonable pace.

In the future IH plans to extend our service to the Sherman animal shelter, crisis center, and other organizations.

Our motto is: “Here’s to strong women: May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them.” Κappa Gamma Chi Kappa Gamma Chi was founded in 1919 as a literary society and was the first women’s organization at Austin College. Both the literary society and social sorority have fostered strong, innovative, professional women who have a voice.

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