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Situs cam

We have been very busy at Dx OMark keeping up with the announcements and putting the new models (and some that were already announced last year) through our test procedures.

The LG G6 features a dual-camera setup with two 13Mp sensors coupled to either an f/1.8 image-stabilized lens for its primary camera, or to a second f/2.4 wide-angle lens, without autofocus, as an alternative option.

In situs inversus, the morphologic right atrium is on the left, and the morphologic left atrium is on the right.

The normal pulmonary anatomy is also reversed so that the left lung has 3 lobes and the right lung has 2 lobes.

In particular, its very good detail preservation, low noise, and fast autofocus helped edge it ahead of our previous highest-scoring phone, the Google Pixel.

As a teenager, Edward Anderson thought he might become a chef.

As you’d expect from a top performer, its scores are impressive across the board.As the world’s population grows, so does our need for sustainable food sources.Chinese chemist Ziyi Yu contributes to research into algae that might replace fish oils in our diet.Marco Severino first recognized dextrocardia in 1643.More than a century later, Matthew Baillie described the complete mirror-image reversal of the thoracic and abdominal organs in situs inversus.

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But an interest in Tibet led to a fascination for India with its diversity of cultures.