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And no, Lindsay doesn't find it sexist or anti-feminist that Bryan grabbed her unexpectedly, saying "I wouldn't be a part of anything that was like that." Besides, she did the same to Bachelor Nick Viall when she was a contestant on his season."I was completely taken a back by Bryan kissing me," Lindsay says.

As the winners, Jaclyn and Ed each get a one-on-one date, a rose for themselves, and a rose to hand out. In Sarah’s twisted mind, this adds up to Jaclyn picking anyone but Ed, even though he’s her partner and she’s the most recent one to make him howl, and this leaves Sarah anxious to spend time with Ed without Jaclyn in the house. Jamie ends up believing Chris is taking Sarah on his date to save Blakeley’s feelings. Meanwhile, Chris is saying to the camera, “Sarah’s super hot! While Sarah and Chris are making out, Blakeley and Jamie are arguing over who has the rights to Chris.

You know what's funny, I just talked to somebody five minutes ago that said, 'I know somebody from , his name is Ben.' [I'm like,] Yes, I know him, too.

You live in New York now and Ben's been out and about in New York -- have you seen him?

Chris Harrison, who hosts both the series and its ever-growing list of spinoffs (coming in 2018!

), says "that elephant in the room" that is Lindsay's benchmark hiring "is not lost on us"—particularly when it comes to the press' scrutiny."Nobody cares about happiness or good things, so the only thing you need to write about is something that's controversial and might stir things up," the long-time host tells Marie The internet quickly weighed in, but Lindsay has her own thoughts."Dean's comment did not bother me," she says. But also, during the first episode of this season he talked to me about how I felt about that. It might be the first time that men have dated interracially.

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They will be voting the same way, and voted out together. This isn't a regular spelling bee though, the couples have to alternate each letter.

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