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The acronym BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System.BIOS is a firmware that is embedded onto the System Board of your computer.

We recommend that you record the original BIOS settings before you modify them.Sometimes you will need to update the BIOS in order for the motherboard to properly support a new processor or other hardware, or to fix bugs and improve stability or performance.In most cases, nothing will go wrong at all, but it's important to know that there's an associated risk and not to treat the process too lightly.It's good to have a spare copy of all important files from your PC before you start.There is information all over the internet about this, but I wanted to share my experience and try to outline a generic solution for this problem. You may want to skip down to the instructions below-- It appears that it is a fairly common problem, especially on Acer laptops, for a BIOS update to fail.

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Then take these to a PC hardware retailer who has an EEPROM machine and can program it for you.

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