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Red typeface and encircled area indicates cytokines and inflammatory factors.Black typeface indicates markers that fit into other (non-specified) categories.The dry eye model was established in group Fin and group Bp.Aqueous tear quantity was measured with phenol red-impregnated cotton threads with anesthesia.(a) Venn diagram showing distinct and common serum biomarker profiles for males and females with Asperger's syndrome (AS).Blue typeface and encircled area indicates hormones and growth factors.Their feel threatened, humanitarian mission was indeed a christmas present.

7037, E-Mail [email protected]/Aims: Bidens pilosa L. (Bp) is widely distributed in China and has been widely used as a traditional Chinese medicine.

Tear film breakup time (BUT) and corneal epithelial damage were evaluated by fluorescein staining.

Animals were sacrificed at 28 days, and ocular tissues (lacrimal gland and cornea) were evaluated with light microscopy; gene microarray analysis for inflammatory cytokines and Western blot were also performed.

(c) The model built on females with AS and female controls using 17 female specific analytes (left) does not yield a separation when predicting AS in males (right).

This is a standard statistical technique for characterizing data variances.

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