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However, 2015 is another new beginning and the former Nollywood actress, now nurse practioner, has found the courage and strength to talk about her painful experience.On the 7th of January, she shared a detailed post on her Facebook page recalling her heartbreak, her share of the blame in her marriage and her respect for her ex-husband.

The rumour of both celebrities having an affair was everywhere.

The widely speculated reason has been the issue of infidelity that the husband alleged.

But was that the main reason the couple went their separate ways?

Most people may not know, but Ini Edo is a dedicated and totally committed spouse any man could hope to have.

That’s why she endured all she did, for six years without letting the world know the pain she was going through in her marriage,” the source stated.

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Both entertainers shared a kiss in the video and then officially became an item.

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